Taipei Times: Johnny Chiang registers for KMT election

Representing the KMT’s younger faction, Chiang was the first to take the application and pay the required NT$2 million (US$66,057) fee, while former KMT vice chairman Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌), seen as Chiang’s main opponent, is expected to pick up a form today.

If the KMT wants to become the ruling party again, it should adopt reforms and respond quickly to shifts in public opinion, Chiang told a news conference in Taipei.

The party must also adjust its outdated mindset and figure out how to attract more support from young people, he added.

Under his leadership, there would be room in party affairs for the younger generation and his team would recruit more young talent with popular support, he said.

Asked for comment, Hau said that he respects all kinds of individual opinions.

Although including visionary people who are willing to shoulder duties for the party is a good thing, the KMT’s transformation requires cross-generational cooperation, and he is willing to take on the role of coordinator, Hau said.

Having served as the KMT’s vice chairman and Taipei mayor, Hau said that he understands the party and has good execution, and he would never use the post as a springboard for other positions, because the chairman’s responsibility is to complement other party members, giving them enough space to bring their skills into full play.

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