Taipei Times: Ian Easton on Taiwan: Can we be honest about China?

Of course, the confusion about China is not the result of an accident. It’s by design. The CCP employs millions of people in both civilian and military organizations whose main purpose is to distort the truth. We’re not talking about simply spinning the news to benefit the regime. All governments, and, indeed, all organized groups of people, spin the news to one degree or another. No, we’re talking about the wholesale destruction of the truth, the corruption of meaning and thought itself, and the fabrication of facts in tandem with the concealment of facts.

To get a sense of how this manifests itself and why it matters, try to engage a Chinese government official in conversation on Tibet, or Hong Kong, or liberal democracy. Try to read an official CCP document on pretty much anything. It won’t take you very long to become seriously befuddled by all the logical contradictions and lies you are being hit with.

The CCP inhabits an alternative universe. It is an organization that takes Orwellian mass surveillance for granted and believes murder in the name of the state is normal — even just. Xi Jinping’s establishment of concentration camps and his war on religion are chilling reminders that China is in the grip of a wicked and warped regime. Make no mistake about it, China’s leaders are tyrants. But they are also very sophisticated and smart. Some might even say diabolical.

This matters a great deal because China is not weak like North Korea. China is a powerful, hyper-competitive authoritarian power that seeks world domination. Beijing intends to undermine the liberal world order and replace it with something unenlightened and dark.

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