Taipei Times: Han’s in-laws illegally occupied land: Huang

Between 1998 and 2005, Da-tong Gravel Co (大通砂石行), owned by Lee Jih-kuei, was fined multiple times for illegally occupying public land and storing gravel in the area, Huang said on Friday.

National Property Administration (NPA) Director-General Tseng Kuo-chi (曾國基) told the Finance Committee that the central government had not leased the land to the Lee family between 2000 and 2005, but in 2006, the Yunlin County Government agreed to the family’s 10-year plan to develop the area into a recreational farm.

However, in June, just three months before the contract was due to expire, the NPA discovered that the project had not been carried out, which is why the land was returned in August, he said.

To determine if the family had illegally excavated gravel, the NPA has applied for aerial shots of the area, he said, adding that an investigation would take two weeks.

Describing the Lee family’s use of the land as “privileged people stealing national resources,” Huang yesterday asked why authorities had not asked them to return the land until this year.

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