Taipei Times: Han must not dodge blame, minister says

On Sunday, Han, the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) presidential candidate, accused the ministry of making it difficult for the Kaohsiung City Government to secure property at the Port of Kaohsiung to develop the project.

“Han should really review the city’s plans to obtain and develop the property, and how to secure a permit for the development,” Lin said. “That would require coordination between officials of the central and city governments.”

“Han should not criticize and pass the buck if he is having difficulty fulfilling a campaign promise,” he said, adding: “We remain positive that the project could go ahead, if communications continue.”

In other news involving the ministry, Lin said Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT) has ceased operations and that the situation would not change in the short term.

FAT on Thursday last week said in a surprise announcement that it had halted operations due to financial difficulties, but the next day, FAT chairman Chang Kang-wei (張綱維) said operations would restart, thanks to an injection of funds.

“We hope that FAT can take actions to remedy the situation,” Lin said yesterday. “The airline will be subject to close scrutiny when it applies to resume operations.”

“The airline not only has financial problems, but also has issues with corporate management,” he said. “It is telling that Mr Chang, who is also the airline’s president and chief financial officer, can simply turn off his mobile phone and the company’s operations go out of control.”

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