Taipei Times: German lawmaker urges global support

China’s “one country, two systems” framework in Hong Kong has proven a failure, while democratic countries should help Taiwan join the UN as an independent nation named “Taiwan,” German Bundestag Committee on Foreign Affairs member Ulrich Lechte said in Taipei yesterday.

During his first-ever visit to Taiwan from Sunday to today, Lechte discussed issues related to Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

China has become increasingly nondemocratic and its “one country, two systems” framework has failed, as protests in Hong Kong continue to escalate, said Lechte, a member of Germany’s Free Democratic Party, who also heads a subcommittee on UN affairs under the committee.

Beijing’s suspension of individual travel permits to Taiwan shows that it does not want Chinese to experience speech and press freedoms, he said.

Lechte urged Western countries to adjust their notions about China and their relations with Taiwan.

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