Taipei Times: 2020 ELECTIONS: Whole world watching vote due to HK events: president

“The world wants to see what Taiwanese will decide. [The international community is] concerned that what has been taking place in Hong Kong might happen in Taiwan as well,” she told the crowds.

Speaking about China’s “one country, two systems” formula, Tsai said: “This is not an option for Taiwanese.”

“Hong Kongers have taken to the streets because they have to fight for their freedom and democracy. In Taiwan, we have our freedom and democracy, that is because we have sovereignty, which is held by all 23 million of Taiwan’s population,” she said.

“Therefore we must safeguard our sovereignty, because if we no longer have it, Taiwanese will have to take to the streets to wrestle it away from China,” Tsai said.

She urged everyone to vote, saying: “The bigger the turnout, the louder our voice and our decision can be heard by the world… When our citizens cast their votes, we can safeguard Taiwan’s sovereignty, freedom and democracy, by which we can ensure to continue have these for our future generations.”

Meanwhile, Vice President Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁) focused on the nation’s multicultural society, saying that government policies in the past few years have allowed foreigners to settle down and enjoy Taiwan’s freedom and democracy.

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