Taipei Times: 2020 Elections: Tricks used to make recall march look bigger, Han says

Han, the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) presidential candidate, yesterday morning posted a picture on Facebook of the Kaohsiung march organized by civic groups, which shows demonstrators carrying a giant banner with a small number of people under it.

“The biggest fig leaf in Taiwan’s history since its democratization,” he wrote of the picture.

Asked to explain the post later yesterday, Han told reporters in New Taipei City that the banner was like a “fig leaf” used by event organizers to create the illusion of having more participants than they actually did.

Event organizers claimed that 500,000 people took part in the march, but perhaps 480,000 of them were hiding under the banner and thus could not be seen, Han said.

“No one expected them to pull this kind of trick,” he said, adding that the organizers were better at creating illusions than magician Louis Liu (劉謙).

He said he even saw “foreigners” at the march, even though only Kaohsiung residents could recall the mayor.

While members of the public have the right to recall elected officials, the campaign to recall him seemed to be the result of political manipulation, Han said.

The march was a “ridiculous performance” put on by certain groups to defame him and advance their own political interests, he said, adding: “We do not see how [the march] can be justified.”

In response, Wecare Kaohsiung, a coalition of civic groups that co-organized the march with Citizens Mowing Action and the Taiwan Statebuilding Party, posted a video on Facebook showing large crowds of people under the banner as they carried it over their heads.

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