Taipei Times: 2020 Elections: PFP’s Soong stumps for votes in central Taiwan

Soong said that if elected his administrative knowledge and Gou’s expertise in technology and innovation would become twin pillars on which Taiwan’s success would be built.

Meanwhile, Soong’s daughter, Soong Cheng-mai (宋鎮邁), on Monday evening showed support for her father on Facebook.

Using the analogy of a smartphone updating its software based on existing infrastructure, Soong Cheng-mai said that her father, despite being described as “fond of reminiscing,” would be able to bring a unique perspective to issues, such as international relations, technological innovation and administrative efficacy, because of his experiences.

While Taiwanese claim to be proud of the nation’s democratic system of government, every election sees voters make a beeline for the polar opposites of the spectrum, she said.

“Because of their extreme dislike and mistrust of each other, the supporters of the pan-green and pan-blue camps only cast their ballots to vote the other one out of power,” she said.

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