Taipei Times: 2020 Elections: ‘Biased’ banners slammed by LGBT groups, candidates

Green Party Taiwan and New Power Party (NPP) legislator at-large candidates on Wednesday joined LGBT rights groups in condemning the use of campaign banners they said were aimed at attracting votes by “selling discrimination and fear” against families with LGBT parents.

Jovi Wu (吳少喬), who raises her seven-year-old daughter with her same-sex partner, told a news conference in Taipei that the Stabilizing Force Party and some Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) candidates have put up banners with messages such as: “I want to have grandchildren” and “Continue the family line.”

“Our child has never been bullied in school,” but the banners’ messages of “discrimination,” “bullying” and “harm” against LGBT families have hurt her daughter “like blades,” she said.

Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan chief coordinator Jennifer Lu (呂欣潔) asked whether anti-LGBT groups and non-LGBT friendly candidates “know how to campaign without discriminating, without smearing minorities, without spreading false information.”

“We hope…this kind of malicious campaign culture can end with our generation,” she said.

Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights secretary-general Chien Chih-chieh (簡至潔) said she hardly ever attended weddings in the past, or cried at the ones she did go to, but since same-sex marriage was legalized last year she has been moved to tears several times.

It seems that the Stabilizing Force Party and some KMT candidates “imagine they can, through these elections, pull Taiwan’s society back to that patriarchal, feudal society,” she said.

“Many observers have said we are fighting a very serious reactionary and conservative force in these elections,” she said. “This force only allows for the existence of one kind of family and one kind of woman in Taiwan.”

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