Sino Insider: Politics Watch: Defecting Chinese Spy Disrupts the CCP’s Political Interference Operations

On Nov. 23, several Australian news outlets reported that a defecting Chinese spy had offered a “trove of unprecedented inside intelligence” to Australian intelligence on how the Chinese Communist Party conducts its external interference operations. The spy, Wang “William” Liqiang, had given his material to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation in October 2019.

In a Q&A interview with independent Chinese-language media Vision China Times published on Nov. 23, Wang Liqiang detailed how he got recruited by CCP intelligence, his involvement in intelligence operations, the identities of senior CCP military intelligence officers in Hong Kong, as well as the CCP’s political interference operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia. Key points in the interview include:

  • The CCP elite has been using the intelligence apparatus to attack “losers” in the factional struggle.
  • How the CCP uses its intelligence apparatus in Hong Kong to control the city.
  • How the CCP is infiltrating Taiwanese media and interfering in Taiwanese elections.
  • How the CCP has infiltrated and interfered in Australian politics.

On Nov. 24, the Shanghai public security bureau released a statement claiming that Wang Liqiang is a “convicted fraudster” and “wanted criminal suspect.”

Our take:
1. Some observers have expressed skepticism about whether Wang Liqiang is really a Chinese spy (The New York Times refers to Wang as a “would-be Chinese defector” and an “asylum seeker”). Others questioned the veracity of the information that he provided.

In perusing English and Chinese-language news reports on Wang Liqiang’s defection and examining broader geopolitical developments, we believe that Wang is more likely than not the real deal:

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Politics Watch: Defecting Chinese Spy Disrupts the CCP’s Political Interference Operations

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