LAD Bible: Taiwan Elects A Cosplaying Politician, The Hero We Need In 2020

27-year-old Democratic Progressive Party Lai Pin-yu has cause to celebrate. Over the weekend, she won what was described as an incredibly tight race New Taipei City’s 12th District, taking on and beating former Taipei City Deputy Mayor Lee Yong-ping by an impressive 2,780 votes

Lai has an impressive and passionate track record, then. But the reason she’s particularly stood out since entering the race to represent her home district in September 2019 is for her love of cosplay. I mean, how many cosplaying politicians do you know? I can’t say I know any – unless Jacob Rees Mogg has been cosplaying as the Demon Headmaster all this time, in which case he’s nailed it.

When Lai knew her victory was assured, she uploaded an incredible photo of herself dressed as Sailor Mars from the anime Sailor Moon, introducing herself to the world as “lawmaker of New Taipei City’s 12th District.” That is a baller move. Can you imagine if Boris Johnson had thrown on a Mario costume to announce his recent victory in the UK general election? Actually, I kind of can… I don’t much care for that image.

She even attended a rally back in December while dressed as Asuka from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. Proof, as if any were ever needed, that there’s an untapped anime vote just waiting to be catered to.

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