Ketagalan Media:Power Struggle Inside the KMT: Can It Reform and Infuse Young Blood?

In the aftermath of the electoral defeat on January 11th, internal struggle within the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) is increasingly surfacing. Different factions with conflicting demands are wrestling for power publicly and privately. Discourse currently are revolving around whether KMT’s current pro-unification, pro-Beijing platforms are sustainable for the party’s future.

Public support for the KMT has steadily dropped since the start of protests in Hong Kong. The eventual defeat of both Kaohsiung mayor Han Kuo-yu for presidency and chairman Wu Den-yih for a seat in the Legislative Yuan has created a power vacuum. Younger party members are eager to redefine the KMT to allow them to better appeal to the people of Taiwan.

Clash erupts outside KMT Headquarters

As the KMT convened for its first central committee meeting for the first time after electoral defeat, a total of six groups gathered outside the party headquarters in Taipei. According to a report by The News Lens, these six groups all had different demands.

Pro-Wu supporters, Anti-Wu protesters, militarists, members of the anti-Taiwan statehood “Blue Sky Action Alliance” (藍天行動聯盟), and members of the pro-Taiwan statehood “Taiwan Country” (台灣國) organization joined, creating a chaotic scene of competing demands and calls.

The most noticeable was a group of protesters led by former KMT Youth League head Alfred Lin. He has launched the “Youthify Party” (青黨) party movement calling for a complete overhaul of the KMT party structure. He gathered young KMT members to protest outside of the KMT party headquarters in Taipei and clashed with pro-establishment party youth leaders.

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Power Struggle Inside the KMT: Can It Reform and Infuse Young Blood?

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