Ketagalan Media: The New ‘In’ Spot for the World’s Makers

The district of Sanchong in New Taipei has seen better times. In the 1970s, it emerged as the processing hub for manufacturing in northern Taiwan, with factories lining major transportation arteries and tucked away in small alleys. Small factory owners honed their specific skills and relied on their two hands to support the economic miracle Taiwan was so proud of. But the days when money seemingly fell from the skies over Sanchong are long gone.Today, in the once bustling area around Zhongzheng North Rd., Lane 193 in the Taipei suburb, only about 100 small factories and fabrication shops remain. Posters with the character “For Rent” appear on one roll-up metal shutter after another.Seeing that the traditional craftsmanship of the past was gradually withering away and disappearing, Gina Hsu (徐景亭), an industrial designer from Taichung, decided in 2013 to launch a “Black Village” (黑色聚落) project to build a bridge between manufacturers and makers and designers in an attempt to revive the area.

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The New ‘In’ Spot for the World’s Makers

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