Ketagalan Media: Taiwanese Cuisine Takes the World by Storm, Amid China Tension

BEIJING (Loiters) –  Taiwanese food is catching on among culinary enthusiasts the world over, raising tensions with Mainland China, which sees Taiwan as a renegade province. In Mainland China, the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) blamed Taiwanese overseas for increasing tensions. “The feelings of 1.3 billion Chinese are hurt each time someone sells beef noodle and says it’s ‘Taiwan-style,’” said Liu Jieyi, the head of Mainland China’s TAO, amidst rising tensions.

In Washington, administration officials asked both sides to exercise restraint in adding another Michelin star to their restaurants, though privately several analysts with investments in Mainland China criticized Taiwan for provoking Beijing via improved restaurant offerings.

Officials had “no comment” on Beijing’s request that Washington ask states to stop issuing business licenses to “Taiwanese” food restaurants, amid rising tensions.

According to Chinese experts, Chinese food was brought to Taiwan by settlers from the Mainland over the last 5,000 years, during every minute of which tensions have been rising.

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