Ketagalan Media: Taiwan Rock: Tsai & Freddy Lim Joined by Fire EX in Rousing Taipei DPP Rally

While the KMT seem in utter disarray over their choices of various candidates—with public infighting, obvious sniping and disinclination by some prominent KMT figures to appear onstage with the party’s presidential nominee—the DPP seemed utterly cohesive on Friday evening. Han rallies often channel the concept of an army fighting the various evils of the DPP. This DPP rally, however, felt more like a family coming together to have a good old KTV session, thoroughly enjoying themselves while gently taking the mick out of each other. There was little in the way of grandstanding. Tsai’s speech, which lasted around 12 minutes and was delivered almost exclusively in Mandarin, was measured, warm, and responsive.

Tsai started by welcoming everyone to “our Taiwan party” on a rainy Friday evening, asking the crowd what they thought of the performances. They can all sing really well, she observed good-naturedly, especially our Freddy Lim. She went on to suggest the crowd wouldn’t want to hear her try to sing. The crowd encouraged her to have a go, but she wisely demurred.

With this being Taiwan, the use of ‘fighting’ as a concept was still on the agenda—after all, one must fight in an election to win it. However, it is interesting to note that the DPP uses the English word ‘team’ while the Han fans refer to themselves as an ‘army.’ The warmth and hope that permeated this small DPP rally was palpable.

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Taiwan Rock: Tsai & Freddy Lim Joined by Fire EX in Rousing Taipei DPP Rally

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