Ketagalan Media: Just in Time for Elections, Taiwan Welcomes a New Honduras Ambassador

On December 7, the Taiwan embassy in Honduras took to Facebook to congratulate Eny Yamileth Bautista Guevara, the new Honduran ambassador to Taiwan.

In the post, the embassy encouraged Bautista to continue working to strengthen ties between Taiwan and Honduras, one of Taipei’s 15 remaining diplomatic allies.

Bautista has since arrived in Taiwan in what was a notably quick ambassadorial handover. Her appointment comes just before Saturday’s presidential and legislative elections—a clear sign that Taiwan’s ties with Honduras remain strong.

Bautista has worked for the current Honduran administration as customs director since 2016. During her time with the agency, she was in charge of the automation and acceleration of cross-border trade, as well as reducing bribery among customs officials.

The last time there was a change in ambassadors, the position was left empty for 18 months, creating speculation that Honduras could be plotting a switch in diplomatic ties from Taipei to Beijing.

This time around, the change has gone much quicker⁠—and rather than waiting until after Saturday’s vote, the new Honduran ambassador has taken her position prior to Taiwan’s elections.

Bautista’s quick appointment signals an improvement in ties between Taiwan and Honduras and shows that the current Honduran administration of President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who took office in 2014 and was reelected in 2018, places considerable importance on its ties with Taiwan.

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Just in Time for Elections, Taiwan Welcomes a New Honduras Ambassador

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