Ketagalan Media: Election 2020: Highlights from the Legislative Races

This analysis highlights key outcomes from the 2020 legislative elections, including the results of selected contests of interest. For more information on how Taiwan chooses its lawmakers, please see the Ketagalan Media guide to legislative elections.

Overall Scorecard

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party 民主進步黨 (DPP) maintained its majority in the Legislative Yuan, winning 61 out of 113 seats, despite losing several geographic constituencies and five of its party-list seats. Though polls in early 2019 had suggested a rout for the pan-Blue camp, support for the Chinese Nationalist Party 中國國民黨 (KMT) drained away in recent months, thanks to an unpopular presidential candidate and a widely-despised party list. The KMT only gained three additional seats, in line with C. Donovan Smith’s analysis last November.

The Taiwan People’s Party 台灣民眾黨 (TPP) stormed into parliament for the first time,* with five legislators, while the New Power Party 時代力量 (NPP) eked out three. The new Taiwan State-Building Party 台灣基進黨 (TSP) managed a single win in a geographic constituency, but two incumbent parties will exit the Legislative Yuan, having lost all of their legislators: the People First Party 親民黨 (PFP), and the Non-Partisan Solidarity Union 無黨團結聯盟 (NPSU), whose lone indigenous representative chose to run as a Blue-leaning independent.

Five independent candidates—not to be confused with the NPSU—won seats this election. At least three of them are likely to caucus with the pan-Green coalition (including the DPP, NPP and TSP), and will number 68 legislators total.

Read this excellent wrap of the election, with nice custom charts, here:

Election 2020: Highlights from the Legislative Races

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