Ketagalan Media: Aaron Yin of WeCare Kaohsiung Forges Ahead to Recall Mayor Han Kuo-yu

Aaron Yin 尹立 is the initiator of WeCare Kaohsiung, one of the civic organizations jointly running a campaign to hold a recall vote against Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu 韓國瑜.

In 2016, Yin, who has a background in design, was appointed as the Director-General of the Kaohsiung Cultural Bureau. In the later stages of Han’s mayoral election campaign, which was heavily reliant on promoting an image of Kaohsiung as a decrepit city, Yin stepped down from his city government position and launched the WeCare campaign to combat Han’s strategy.

On June 27, following Han’s nomination to serve as the KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party) presidential candidate, Yin officially launched a campaign to recall Han from the mayor’s office.

According to Taiwan’s Civil Servants Election and Recall Act, recalls must pass two stages before a vote is approved. Currently, signatures are being collected to pass the second threshold, which requires 228,134 (10%) of eligible Kaohsiung residents to petition for a recall vote within a 60-day period. The second stage started on January 28, with the civic groups aiming to collect 300,000 signatures.

WeCare says that, by January 10, it had collected 214,378 petitions.

As the likelihood of a recall vote being approved looms large over Kaohsiung, Ketagalan Media headed down to Kaohsiung to meet Yin at the WeCare headquarters to discuss the campaign, the recent threats he has received, and the mayoral shenanigans that have led the city to strike back against Han Kuo-yu.

Full interview by Cat Thomas:

Aaron Yin of WeCare Kaohsiung Forges Ahead to Recall Mayor Han Kuo-yu

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