Hollywood Reporter: Beijing Orders Mainland Chinese Stars to Boycott Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards

“The China Film Administration has suspended mainland films and personnel from participating in the 56th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards in 2019,” read a short statement that went out across Chinese state media on Wednesday. In addition to the awards show, the Taipei event also runs a well respected citywide film festival bringing together the year’s finest Chinese-language cinema, along with other international film programming.

The current imbroglio began when 36-year-old Taiwanese director Fu Yue took the stage to accept the prize for best documentary last year, saying: “I really hope that, one day, our country can be treated as a truly independent entity. This is my greatest wish as a Taiwanese person.”

Tensions between Mainland China and Taiwan have only become more fraught since last year’s awards show, with Beijing suspending individual travel permits for Chinese travelers to Taiwan last week. The Golden Horse ban also comes amid a radical fighting of control over the Chinese film industry, which has resulted in more than half a dozen major Chinese movies getting blocked from cinemas over censorship issues, exacerbating an already bad box-office year in the country.

Many citizens of democratic and self-governed Taiwan hold passionate convictions about the territory’s independence, whereas Beijing views the island as a renegade province that ultimately belongs to mainland China.

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