Global Times (CCP organ): Chinese netizens bash Lady Gaga for ‘supporting HK separatist’ on social media

Chinese fans outraged at Lady Gaga addressed her “wrongdoings” that included her support of a Hong Kong separatist, associating with the Dalai Lama, and promoting “Taiwan independence”. The singer’s Chinese fans have vowed to boycott the controversial star, citing “national interest prevails all.”

Netizen’s anger was sparked after it was revealed the singer was following a Hong Kong separatist on Instagram. A screenshot that went viral revealed Lady Gaga was following @EmilyWaiYi on the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform.

The account featured slogans echoing Hong Kong rioters, but only had 43 followers including Lady Gaga.

The account was set as private, as of press time, and Lady Gaga was no longer following it.

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