Global Times (CCP Mouthpiece): Mainland pays less attention to Taiwan election

Some Taiwan media also predict that the election will “make Beijing the biggest loser,” saying the Hong Kong turmoil has damaged the image of the “one country, two systems” and “the fear toward reunification among the Taiwan youth will increase the DPP’s advantage.”

However, in the mainland, more and more people, especially those on social media, also “support the DPP” but for a very different reason.

These people believe that the DPP could actually speed up the process of reunification since its separatist stance might one day cause a military solution by the mainland, and they are disappointed by the KMT which prefers to maintain “the status quo” to ask for economic benefits from the mainland but makes no concrete effort to push for reunification.

Before the reunification, “we’d like to see the DPP push so-called ‘Taiwan-independence’ as much as they can and destroy the KMT, which is an obstacle for the mainland to decide on military-based reunification. If the DPP can finish this job, that would be good,” said a researcher who holds this thinking, at a Beijing-based institute on international security studies, though this way of thinking is not the mainland’s official stance and the mainland government always stresses peaceful reunification is the best option.

Full propaganda piece:

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