Frozen Garlic: campaign trail: DPP rally in Keelung (last weekend)

For now though, it seems there are limits to how much Tsai has repositioned the DPP. Tsai’s pro-military stance is evident, but it isn’t the centerpiece of the DPP’s election campaign. The traditional appeals are still the most prominent appeals. More broadly, this is also the case with the ROC Taiwan discourse. It gets mentioned every now and then, but you can easily miss it if you aren’t paying attention or you haven’t been clued in that this is important. ROC Taiwan hasn’t really become a mainstream talking point the way that “ROC on Taiwan” or “special state to state relationship” did during Lee Teng-hui’s presidency. I suppose that will have to wait until her second term.

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campaign trail: DPP rally in Keelung (last weekend)

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