Epoch Times: How Five Thousand Mainland Communist Spies Have Infiltrated Taiwan’s Military

In recent years, a number of Chinese espionage cases have been exposed, highlighting the fact that Taiwan’s political, economic, military, social and other institutions have been seriously infiltrated by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spies. The Taiwan National Security Bureau has estimated that the CCP has about 5,000 spies in Taiwan. They have infiltrated the Taiwan military using five major methods.

The CCP’s party guidelines explicitly state that all Party members and institutions have the responsibility of collecting intelligence, Tung Li-wen (董立文) , a Taiwan think tank advisory board member, told the Chinese language edition of the Epoch Times in a recent interview.

Tung said he believes that Taiwan’s understanding of Chinese espionage is greatly outdated, and the government should use new advocacy strategies to ensure that the public has a correct understanding of the CCP.

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