Current Affairs Taiwan (CAT) Video 台灣時事 02-03-2020 Episode 31 – Huang Jie Recall, William Lai to visit US.

This week Michael Turton (麥哲恩) is on vacation (but still is with us this week with a new article on Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文) is joined by Scott Ellinger (陳鷹), a former US military and AIT official. The recall campaign by Han fans against Kaohsiung NPP city councilor Huang Jie passes signature count to move to stage two, Yu Shyi-kun is the new legislative speaker and Vice President-elect William Lai is going to America to join the Congressional Prayer Breakfast, an event President Trump attended last year. Controversy surrounds Taiwan and the WHO, and a petition for the White House to get Taiwan into the WHO has passed the threshold. The US State Department issues a strongly worded rebuke to the ICAO over blocking Twitter accounts. The KMT chair candidate and former Taipei Mayor, Hau Lung-bin, makes some strong statements on PRC relations and sounds more traditional deep-blue anti-communist than red. If you would prefer to listen to the show, our podcast version is at As always, follow along with the news and get the latest shows, Taiwan Quick Take, and more at our website This show was sponsored by May Jam in Tainan, for more information visit

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