Current Affairs Taiwan (CAT) 6.09.2019 Pilot 03 w/Guest Tanner Greer (葛天樂)

This week on CAT we are very excited to have as guest the scholar and author Tanner Greer (葛天樂), the man behind The Scholar’s Stage (see link in comments). He appears off-camera as a disembodied voice because of a blood pledge made with his fellow frogmen on a mission in Afghanistan.
This week hosts Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文) and Michael Turton (麥哲恩) discuss the DPP primaries, the Tsai-Lai debate (link to the Frozen Garlic blog analysis in links below, read it), Koo’s comments and his amusing history of un-edited advertising.
The KMT primaries are also covered, including the Han rally in Hualien, his use of political and motivational speaker tricks of the trade, Wang Jin-pyng’s exit from the primary, Terry Gou and more.
Finally, some discussion on this year’s Commonwealth polling on city & county mayors and commissioners.
This week the hosts confuse proof and percent in regards to alcohol, Donovan’s nose takes on a life of its own, Tanner Greer is smart but off-camera because of a prophesy told to him by an ancient mystic in the mysterious and magical suburbs of Toledo, the video is zoomed in closer, the new microphone intended to boost the audio quality wasn’t turned on and overall the video was shorter: This week only 30 minutes.
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