CCP Organ: Taiwan travel industry in doom and gloom at losing mainland tourists

“”Tourist numbers will continue decreasing and local Taiwan GDP could drop 0.2-0.3 percentage points because of the reduced mainland tourists,” said the insider. “Not only travel agencies will struggle, but also related industries such as airlines, catering services and the lodging industry.”

“Customers are angry about DPP leader Tsai Ing-wen’s purchase of US arms using money from mainland tourists and they have been demanding refunds of airplane tickets and accommodation costs,” a salesperson surnamed Su from Beijing-based Heping World International Travel Service told the Global Times on Thursday. “After the notice, almost all individual travelers decided not to visit Taiwan, even in travel groups, which have not been suspended.”

“I just arrived in Taiwan today and I already heard people complaining ‘business is going to die’,” Xue Qingde, a Taiwan businessman who has been investing in the Chinese mainland, told the Global Times on Thursday.”

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