CCP Organ: Taiwan currying favor with US would only anger the Chinese mainland

“However, the situation in Taiwan is different. The Taiwan question concerns China’s core interests. As cross-Straits ties have been strained, Taiwan’s regional leader Tsai Ing-wen relies only on the US to confront the Chinese mainland, which has created space for the US to play tricks. Any trick played by the US would anger China. But the US believes that as long as it doesn’t cross the red line, China will not resort to force or other drastic measures. Washington also believes that the Chinese mainland must take into consideration the sentiment of ordinary people on Taiwan island. If the Chinese mainland is too tough on Taiwan, it may in turn help Tsai to win reelection. That being said, Washington is convinced that stirring up trouble on the Taiwan question is the best way to contain China. Supporting Taiwan authorities against the Chinese mainland through diverse means has been a US strategy. As long as US President Donald Trump is in office and Tsai’s Democratic Progressive Party is ruling the island, Washington will continue to play the Taiwan card.”

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