Video: Taiwan Report News Brief (04-04-2020) Older drivers and love from Italy

Coronavirus news, including more details on subsidies for businesses and the announcement if you don’t wear your mask on public transportation, you’re going to get hit with a hefty fine. With the nation facing a driver shortage, the government is moving to lift the 65 age cap on drivers of heavy vehicles, with some conditions. […]

Video: Taiwan Report News Brief (03-14-2020) Everybody must get stoned.

KMT lawmaker Wu Sz-huai reportedly tries to get hands on classified military documents, but the press gets it wrong. A new suicide law spurs debate of health versus freedom of the press, the NPP, TPP and the KMT unite against the DPP over land law but the DPP’s majority shuts them down, travel ban may […]

Video: Taiwan Report News Brief (03-12-2020) PRC hints to the DPP and warns KMT

The TPP plans to go all out in the 2022 local elections, Netflix to take on the Formosa Plastics Group, PRC media shows why DPP is proposing to change Academia Sinica’s name, gov’t cracks down on Huawei, Han recall signatures submitted, coronavirus updates, PRC again meddles with Taiwan’s attempt to bring citizens home, PRC drops […]