The Poor People’s Republic of China Sadly has to Threaten Taiwan Because it has No Choice

For years prominent commentator (and my co-host on Current Affairs Taiwan) Michael Turton has pointed out that both the carrots and the sticks employed by the PRC are intended to portray itself as the victim.  In their framing, in spite of all their peaceful efforts and generous offers to Taiwan “compatriots”, stubborn Taiwan “secessionists” colluding […]

AFP: Pompeo urges US governors to resist China pressure on Taiwan

Washington (AFP) – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday urged US governors to resist Chinese pressure to shun Taiwan as he warned that Beijing was increasingly taking its diplomatic battle to the local level. In an address to state leaders gathered in Washington, Pompeo said that President Donald Trump’s administration would step up communication […]

Politico: Pompeo to governors: China is watching you

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a stark message for the governors gathered in Washington this weekend: The Chinese government is watching them, and other state government officials, more closely than they think. Pompeo told some 44 governors at the National Governors Association winter meeting that they are being individually analyzed by at least one […]

Focus Taiwan: Eswatini’s ties with Taiwan firm despite pressure from China: MOFA

… MOFA wishes to express its “sincere appreciation and highest respect” to Eswatini for standing up to China’s efforts at suppression, she said, adding that Beijing was “rudely interfering in the economic activities of another country.” In an undated statement reportedly issued by the Chinese embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, Beijing served notice that visa […]

Inews: The WHO’s refusal to share coronavirus information with Taiwan is a huge mistake

There are some basic rules for dictatorships. First, they always lie. Second, they always kill people. And third, if they say they aren’t killing people, they’re lying. The obvious, traditional targets for secret police and assassins are those felt to be a threat to the regime: dissidents, rivals and journalists. … This pattern repeats the world […]

Axios: UN aviation agency blocks critics of Taiwan policy on Twitter

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has blocked numerous Twitter accounts — including ones belonging to Capitol Hill staffers and D.C.-based analysts — after facing online criticism for excluding Taiwan from membership. Why it matters: Taipei is an international transit hub, and Taiwan’s exclusion means it can’t take part in information sharing and logistical planning […]

Foreign Policy: As Wuhan Virus Spreads, Taiwan Has No Say at WHO

… Taiwan confirmed its first case of the pneumonia on Jan. 21, a potentially fatal illness similar to the deadly SARS outbreak of 2002-2003. The United States confirmed its first case the same day. … But Taiwan is no longer able to attend the World Health Assembly, WHO’s annual policy meeting. China has prevented Taiwan […]

The Diplomat: Taiwan, Shut Out From WHO, Confronts Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus

Taiwan has confirmed its first Wuhan coronavirus case and closed its borders to all residents of Wuhan amid concerns that the country’s exclusion from the World Health Organization (WHO) is keeping it from receiving timely updates on the deadly epidemic. … Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday urged China to share information on the viral […]