SCMP: To win over Hong Kong and Taiwan, Xi’s China must break a 2,000-year tradition

… Far from enabling China’s peaceful reunification, the one country, two systems model is undermining it. Perhaps this was inevitable, owing to a cause more fundamental than Xi’s centralisation of power, the Communist Party’ increasing interference in Hong Kong’s affairs, or even the basic contradiction between a one-party regime and a multiparty democracy. The Chinese […]

Washington Post: Taiwan’s tea party aims to burst Beijing’s one-China bubble

… To show their solidarity with pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and their commitment to Taiwan’s self-rule, many consumers here are boycotting bubble tea chains that support the “one country, two systems” formula that China uses to rule Hong Kong and that it hopes one day to extend to Taiwan. “I deliberately came here today […]

Ketagalan Media: On Human Rights Day: “Stand With Us.”

On December 10th, 40 years ago in Taiwan, the brave Taiwanese read this list of 30 articles and decided to demonstrate, to stand up against the authoritarian regime of the Chinese Nationalist Party. They bravely demanded for democracy. They bravely demanded for freedom. The peaceful gathering was violently halted by riot police. Today, several decades […]

AP Interview: Taiwan may help if Hong Kong violence expands

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Taiwan’s top diplomat said Tuesday that his government stands with Hong Kong citizens pushing for “freedom and democracy,” and would help those displaced from the semi-autonomous Chinese city if Beijing intervenes with greater force to quell the protests. Speaking to The Associated Press in Taipei, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu was careful […]

Sino Insider: Politics Watch: Defecting Chinese Spy Disrupts the CCP’s Political Interference Operations

On Nov. 23, several Australian news outlets reported that a defecting Chinese spy had offered a “trove of unprecedented inside intelligence” to Australian intelligence on how the Chinese Communist Party conducts its external interference operations. The spy, Wang “William” Liqiang, had given his material to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation in October 2019. In a […]

Global Times (CCP organ): Chinese netizens bash Lady Gaga for ‘supporting HK separatist’ on social media

Chinese fans outraged at Lady Gaga addressed her “wrongdoings” that included her support of a Hong Kong separatist, associating with the Dalai Lama, and promoting “Taiwan independence”. The singer’s Chinese fans have vowed to boycott the controversial star, citing “national interest prevails all.” Netizen’s anger was sparked after it was revealed the singer was following […]

Taipei Times: HK academic tells of system’s dark side

In 1997, Hong Kongers believed that the territory was precious to Beijing because of its contributions to the economy, and assumed that it would be safe from any potentially disruptive interference, he said. However, six months of unrest has proved that Hong Kong no longer has the advantage, and that Beijing will always act according […]

Taipei Times: Hong Kong Protests: HK framework not feasible: poll

About 80 percent of Hong Kongers said that pro-democracy protests in the territory led them to think that the “one country, two systems” framework is not feasible, the results of a poll released yesterday showed. A total of 93.6 percent said that if the protests are not effective, it would mean the “one country, two […]

Boing Boing: Taiwanese sympathizers are shipping helmets and gas-masks to Hong Kong

As the Hong Kong uprising hits its sixth week, the island is running out of protective gear to guard the surging protesters against police violence; in response, Hong Kongers in Taiwan and Taiwanese sympathizers have been bulk-shipping helmets, gas masks and other materiel (as well as cash) to the protesters (in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, queues formed […]