AND Magazine: Chinese Psyops Against America: One Hell Of A Success

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a nasty regime.  But sometimes one marvels at what it has accomplished.  And no, it’s not the Shenzhen skyscrapers or the new Beijing airport.

Rather, the CCP has pulled off the most successful psychological operations campaign in history over the last four decades.  It managed to neuter the United States – the only country that might have prevented it from building an economy and a military able to challenge and conceivably defeat the Americans.

And it didn’t have to fire a shot.  More impressive, it got the Americans to assist and even fund the effort – convinced that the PRC was unthreatening (or could be made so), indispensable, and a gold mine.

The Chinese didn’t exactly hide their intentions.  One only had to pay attention – and take Beijing at its word.

Like all good psyops campaigns, the Communists knew their target’s vulnerabilities. They capitalized on American avarice, ignorance, naiveté, vanity, and hubris.

And Beijing attacked on a broad front – successfully manipulating American business and Wall Street, government officials and the political class, academia, and even U.S. military leaders.

Recently a D.C. think-tanker noted that “Taiwan gets better treatment from the PRC when Beijing’s relations with Washington are smoother.” In other words, give the CCP what it wants and it’ll strangle Taiwan more slowly.

His advice to Taipei: “Work something out with Beijing.”

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