The Interpreter: Taiwan voters reject Beijing, but not populism

Moments after Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen secured a second term in a landslide election victory on Saturday, she took six questions from journalists. The first, from a BBC reporter, asked Tsai whether she had Chinese leader Xi Jinping to thank for her victory. The question drew laughter and a smile from Tsai, who smoothly pivoted […]

Taiwan Insight: Taiwan’s Immigration Policy: support, concerns and challenges

Taiwan’s 2020 election was its first with immigration as a salient issue. The country’s immigration challenges are not unlike those in other developed nations, where the demand for immigrant workers faces a domestic backlash. Meanwhile, immigrant workers, predominantly from Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, increasingly have been more vocal about concerns of unfair treatment, including […]


… Ms Tsai insisted that the sovereignty of the self-governing island was not in doubt or up for negotiation. “We don’t have a need to declare ourselves an independent state,” the 63-year-old president told the BBC in an exclusive interview, her first since the election. “We are an independent country already and we call ourselves […]

Taipei Times: Anti-infiltration Act takes effect today

… The 12-article law, passed by the Legislative Yuan on Dec. 31, prohibits people acting on the instructions of or with the funding of “infiltration sources” from illegal campaigning or lobbying, or receiving illegal political donations, as well as disrupting social order, peaceful assemblies, elections or referendums. … The Anti-infiltration Act applies only to people […]