Ketagalan Media: Just in Time for Elections, Taiwan Welcomes a New Honduras Ambassador

On December 7, the Taiwan embassy in Honduras took to Facebook to congratulate Eny Yamileth Bautista Guevara, the new Honduran ambassador to Taiwan. In the post, the embassy encouraged Bautista to continue working to strengthen ties between Taiwan and Honduras, one of Taipei’s 15 remaining diplomatic allies. Bautista has since arrived in Taiwan in what […]

Quartz: China tried to threaten Taiwan by weaponizing tourism, but it didn’t work

… According to Taiwan’s tourism bureau, the number of foreign visitors to Taiwan in 2019 hit a record 11.84 million, a 7% increase from the previous year and the sharpest annual jump since 2014. Visitors from China, meanwhile, increased 0.5% from the previous year. This came despite an announcement by Beijing in August that it […]

Bloomberg: China’s Next Crisis Brews in Taiwan’s Upcoming Election

… Yet as Taiwan prepares for elections on Jan. 11 that will pit the pro-independence incumbent, Tsai Ing-wen of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), against Han Kuo-yu, a China-friendly populist representing the KMT (which, improbably, has aligned itself with China in recent years), this model is under unprecedented strain. In Beijing, President Xi Jinping has […]

The Diplomat: Taiwan: The Tsai Doctrine

… Taiwan, however, has shaken off the Chinese pressure and bolstered its international presence. Tsai’s New Southbound Policy received a boost from the U.S.-China trade war; the president often touts its successes on the campaign trail. And Taiwan has gathered global support, especially from the United States, for its attempts to keep a hostile Beijing […]

Frozen Garlic: Campaign Trail: TPP rally in Taichung

… Ko presents politics in a moral frame. For him, diligence is the hallmark of morality. Working hard is the only consistent theme that the TPP communicates. They talked over and over about starting meetings at 7:30, as early starts guaranteed good results. Ko likes to repeat, 嗡嗡嗡, an onomatopoeia meaning something like work, work, […]

Ketagalan Media: Asking for Votes Dressed Like a Mussel in Matsu: Lii Wen

“Who in their right mind would dress up as a…mussel?!” I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I realized that one candidate, who seems to be having a lot of fun campaigning, is someone I’ve met. Earlier in the year, he was in a suit, all serious, serving as DPP Chairman Cho Jung-tai’s interpreter […]

NPR: Thousands More Overseas Taiwanese Register For Key Elections Than For Last Vote

… Taiwan does not allow absentee voting, so those abroad have to return to the exact county where they were born, or where they have a registered household, to cast their ballot. Saturday’s presidential and legislative elections feel particularly urgent for many citizens both on the island and abroad. China’s leaders have repeatedly vowed to […]

Taipei Times: 2020 Elections: Simon Chang gives his opinion on the ‘1992 consensus’

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) vice presidential candidate Simon Chang in an interview with ‘Liberty Times’ (sister newspaper of the ‘Taipei Times’) reporters Lin Liang-sheng and Chiu Yen-ling said that the ‘1992 consensus’ does not touch on possible cross-strait unification, but Beijing and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have given the term negative connotations Liberty Times […]

Taipei Times: 2020 Elections: PFP’s Soong stumps for votes in central Taiwan

… Soong said that if elected his administrative knowledge and Gou’s expertise in technology and innovation would become twin pillars on which Taiwan’s success would be built. … Meanwhile, Soong’s daughter, Soong Cheng-mai (宋鎮邁), on Monday evening showed support for her father on Facebook. Using the analogy of a smartphone updating its software based on […]