The Australian: China uses Taiwan for AI target practice to influence elections

China has already deployed its expertise in artificial intelligence to erect a surveillance state, power its economy and develop its military. Now Taiwan’s cyber-security chiefs have identified signs that Beijing is using AI to interfere in an overseas election for the first time. In the run-up to its general and presidential elections on Saturday, Taiwan […]

Bloomberg: Money Keeps Pouring Into Taiwan’s Markets as Election Nears

(Bloomberg) — Investor sentiment toward Taiwan has rarely been this good, with only days to go before its first presidential election in four years. Its financial markets keep hitting new milestones: the Taiwan dollar last week strengthened past 30 per greenback for the first time since June 2018, government-bond yields remain near all-time lows and […]

Reuters: Taiwan election is make or break for fleeing Hong Kong protesters

TAIPEI (Reuters) – A small but growing number of Hong Kong protesters who fled to Taiwan for safety over the past few months fear an opposition victory in the island’s election this week will put them in peril and force them to leave. The mostly young men and women who came to Taiwan after taking […]

Taipei Times: Taiwanese astronomers designated ‘China Taipei’

… The astronomers, who were part of a research team that last year became the first to photograph a black hole, were invited by the IAU to an event to mark the group’s 100th anniversary and name recently discovered exoplanets and their stars, but attended under the title “China Taipei,” the society said. The IAU […]

Ketagalan Media: An Evening in DPP Legislator Candidate Hsieh Pei-fen’s Campaign

With less than a week before Taiwan’s 2020 presidential and legislative election, on-the-ground work is intensifying. Taipei’s Da’an district, where the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has always faced uphill battles, is no different. In 2016, former student activist from the 1990s Wild Lily Movement and former head of the Social Democratic Party Fan Yun […]

Taiwan News: Over 1,800 academics throw weight behind Tsai as Taiwan’s elections loom

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Over 1,800 academics have voiced their support for the re-election of President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) with the Jan. 11 elections just six days away. In a press conference on Sunday (Jan. 5), Chen Ding-Shinn (陳定信), leader of the initiative and a fellow at Academia Sinica, noted that the petition has garnered […]

Focus Taiwan: KMT’s Chang San-cheng responds to DPP spokeswoman’s ‘treason’ remark

  Taipei, Jan. 5 (CNA) Chang San-cheng (張善政), the vice presidential candidate of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT), expressed concern Sunday over whether President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) supports a controversial remark by her former campaign office spokeswoman that appeared to associate advocating unification with China with treason. Speaking in a forum during which he exchanged views […]

Taipei Times: 2020 Elections: Malicious defamation not protected: deputy minister

Taiwan guarantees freedom of speech, but law enforcement agencies have to act when people maliciously and knowingly spread rumors or false information, causing harm or defaming others, Deputy Minister of Justice Chen Ming-tang (陳明堂) said yesterday. “The government is fully committed to protecting freedom of speech, but people cannot abuse such freedoms to spread rumors […]

Taipei Times: 2020 Elections: Tsai asks legislative majority for DPP

… Tsai said, adding that her re-election would make the nation’s already well-performing economy, as well as its senior and childcare services, even better. If the DPP does not win a legislative majority, it would be difficult for it to advocate policies and reforms, so it needs the help of all voters, she added. … […]

Taipei Times: 2020 Elections: Han promises to reform the KMT if elected

Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) yesterday vowed to reform the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) if elected president. Speaking at a rally in New Taipei City’s Banciao District (板橋) on “Super Sunday” ahead of Saturday’s elections, the KMT presidential candidate said that the party needs “a big reform” to become closer to the public. It “must […]