Taipei Times: Taiwan Asia’s best in equality: report

The Executive Yuan yesterday published this year’s Gender at a Glance report, which used indicators in the UN’s Gender Inequality Index and found that, if it were included in the index, Taiwan would be the top Asian nation in terms of gender equality and rank ninth in the world. The results were derived after incorporating […]

Global Voices: A look at the 2020 Taiwan presidential election through an online poster design challenge

Taiwan’s presidential election will take place on January 11, 2020, and, in order to encourage participation, Taiwanese netizens have started a poster design challenge through the hashtag #GraphicDesignForDemocracy. Through the posters, people can take a closer look into the country’s political history and the significance of democracy for Taiwanese people who lived under martial law (1949-1987) […]

Taipei Times editorial: End the Chen Wen-chen cover-up

The Transitional Justice Commission on Wednesday last week announced that it has managed to have files on the July 2, 1981, death of Carnegie Mellon University assistant professor of statistics Chen Wen-chen (陳文成) declassified, although the documents had been assigned to permanent secrecy by the National Security Bureau (NSB). However, the bureau has retreated behind […]

Taipei Times: Helicopter Crash: President decorates deceased officers

Military officers who were killed in a helicopter crash on Thursday are to be posthumously given decorations for their service to the nation, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) said yesterday at a top-level military and national security meeting at the Presidential Office in Taipei. … Tsai then announced that Shen had been posthumously promoted from a […]

Taipei Times: Tsai spokeswoman quits after botching interview

.. In the interview, titled “Advocating unification borders on treason,” published by Deutsche Welle yesterday, Lin, speaking in her capacity as campaign office spokeswoman, said that the Tsai administration last year reiterated that pro-Taiwanese independence advocates should stand united, regardless of whether they identify the nation as “Taiwan” or as the “Republic of China.” Asked […]