Reuters: Baby or a job? Stark choice for Taiwan’s migrant workers

… Jasmine is one of the more than 700,000 workers, mostly from Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, who come to Taiwan in pursuit of work. Advocates say some then fall prey to powerful job brokers who charge high fees to win them work yet often fail to inform the women they have rights under Taiwan law. “They […]

CSIS: Charting Convergence

Ongoing geopolitical shifts are placing increased pressure on the rules-based international order that has facilitated decades of growth and development across the Indo-Pacific. The United States and Taiwan have responded by redoubling their respective commitments to the region. Leaders in both Washington and Taipei recognize that securing freedom and openness across this vast geographic space […]

Focus Taiwan: AIDC, Lockheed Martin MOU good for both sides: premier

… He said a nation’s defense needs air defenses, air defenses need fighter jets, and fighter jets need maintenance, and the MOU paves the way for the two sides to establish an F-16 fighter maintenance center in the future. AIDC Chairman Hu Kai-hung (胡開宏) said his company has been working closely with the defense contractor […]

Taiwan News: Taiwan industries support KMT in fear of ECFA termination

… Seven industry lobby groups, led by Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce Chairman Lin Por-fong (林伯豐), showed their determination in supporting Han in the 2020 presidential election. Former Vice President Lien Chan (連戰) was also present at the assembly, along with KMT Chairman Wu Den-yih (吳敦義). … Han said that the president of […]

Ketagalan Media: China’s Growing Grip on the South Pacific

… China has invested significantly in the region, and Fanell suspect that China has been cultivating development deals for a long time. Fanell noted that a guard at a gold mine recently purchased by Chinese state owned company in the Solomon Islands was wearing a uniform with China’s national flag stitched onto the shoulder. Fanell […]

Focus Taiwan: Number of Taiwanese working in China hits 10-year low

Taipei, Dec. 17 (CNA) China continued to be the No. 1 destination for Taiwanese heading overseas to work in 2018, although the number has dropped to its lowest level since 2008, the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) said Tuesday. Last year, 404,000 Taiwanese were working in China, (including Hong Kong and Macao), […]

Focus Taiwan: Authorities raid travel operators amid visa scams involving Chinese

Taipei, Dec. 17 (CNA) Taipei prosecutors raided six travel agencies Tuesday for suspected involvement in document forgery that allowed Chinese government officials to enter Taiwan on the pretext of attending short-term exchange programs. The raids were carried out on the six local establishments, including the Huaxia Dadi Travel Service Co. (華夏大地) run by Chang Wei […]

The Times (UK): YouTuber Potter King defiant over Chinese threats on Taiwan

A YouTube star in Taiwan refused to bow to pressure from Beijing to remove an interview with the Taiwanese president, prompting fury from mainland China and threats that he could lose lucrative business deals. Chen Chia-chin, known as Potter King, said that efforts to censor his online content by a Chinese talent agency were ridiculous […]